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Being selective is the only approach to save yourself the trouble of getting entangled in a huge pile of info coming from all directions. So, go ahead and stare at charts, look for candle patterns, check up indicators, and test new trading tactics as there is always something new to learn. While we have created a step-by-step process on how to go about DYOR in crypto, you can run down the list below to imagine the bigger picture of your research efforts.

If the project you’re researching claims to have partnerships with world-leading corporations, you should inspect the partnership announcement and the terms of the partnership. Also, sometimes you’ll find that projects have received non-equity grants through accelerator programmes. These are typically administered by government-backed entities or the innovation arm of technology multinationals. No spam — just heaps of sweet content and industry updates in the crypto space.

dyor meaning crypto

That is why you need to warm your chair up and spend countless hours researching projects. We introduce people to the world of trading currencies, both fiat and crypto, through our non-drowsy educational content and tools. We’re also a community of traders that support each other on our daily trading journey.

Fundamental Analysis (FA)

The target market can be analysed a bit from just the marketing and social media presence. This way, a trader would know what kind of audience the information about the coin is reaching to. CoinMarketCal is an online calendar of upcoming events at blockchain projects. Given the vast number of tokens and coins in existence, tracking their future important events and developments is not an easy task.

  • But in the context of a broad collapse of trust in institutions and the experts who speak for them, it has come to mean something more specific.
  • Again, this is often described in the project’s white paper.
  • Earlier this month, the crash of two cryptocurrencies caused a crash felt around the world, as seen here at a crypto exchange in Seoul.
  • Different opinions can accommodate for different strategies, and successful traders and investors will have wildly different strategies.
  • Google is definitely good for the research of a lot of these factors but at the end of the day, practical knowledge is the power.
  • Number of users – The amount of actual people that are using the network.
  • A well-researched investment will guide you to greater profits than any other project that you have followed because of trusting a third party.

Suppose the information you find is only available on the project site or from affiliate marketing blogs. So, to start with, DYOR is short for Do Your Own Research. Many analysts describe the current cryptocurrency hype as the Wild West.

Return on Investment (ROI)

People behind the project, which includes the founders and, also, possibly, the development team. Some projects provide a lot of details about the people involved, while others have a dearth of information. The lack of information may be a useful piece of intelligence on its own — projects with less transparency on the team involved may require further scrutiny. DeFi Pulse is a crypto research and news website which specifically tracks TVL stats for the largest DeFi projects. While the website is a good source for general information about crypto and blockchain, its killer feature is the up-to-date TVL stats. TVL refers to the total amount locked in the smart contracts of the platform, normally in the form of debt collateral or liquidity pool funds.

In the crypto space, KYC is commonly used by major centralised exchanges and is a standard practice amongst many institutions. In the context of crypto, it typically means being asked for a full legal name and government-issued identification documents when signing up for a platform. This can be a passport, driver’s licence, or other similar forms of identification. The term originated from a 2013 online post to the Bitcointalk forum, where the typo first appeared.

“Do your own research.” Or, simply, “DYOR.” It’s an acronym you see a lot in the crypto and overall investment space. WAGMI, on the other hand, stands for ‘we’re all gonna make it.’ The acronym is widely used by the crypto community to inspire both positivity and confidence in a project. It is also used to encourage the community to support each other and not lose hope.

Know Your Crypto

KYC guidelines are generally a piece of a much broader Anti Money Laundering policy. Criminals will always look for ways to conceal the true source of their funds. Due to the complexity of the financial markets, there can be many different ways to do that. Market orders to make a quick profit and sell at a higher price. This means that you’re 33% up from your original investment. It’s also worth taking into account the fees that you have to pay to get a more accurate picture.

And then that is money is returned to the early investors. These are one of the crypto scams you need to be aware of while DYOR. Also sometimes, if you follow the project progression on their official social media account, then also you might have better access to first-hand knowledge about the project.

The events covered by CoinMarketCal include coin/token listings, “burning” and other supply-related events, forking, governance voting, Telegram channel AMA sessions, and many more. Okay, so tokenomics is a fancy word in vogue used to describe the economy of Tokens or coins. So you need to understand if the coin is inflationary or deflationary. Your job is to arrange their interviews in chronological order and listen to them at say, 2× speed.

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Our MEXC Blog team prepared a comprehensive DYOR-guide for you. The numbers never lie, so let’s see what they have to say about Terra . It’s important to remember that figures can change quickly in crypto, so it’s a good idea dyor meaning crypto to periodically check these metrics as you manage your crypto portfolio. It’s unclear how governments will treat decentralised stablecoins. One advantage of Terra is that it supports stablecoins for multiple currencies.

dyor meaning crypto

So that you have an idea of the key ideas without getting too much into technical jargon. A similar thing occurs when you are doing crypto research. There are numerous videos and articles, but to successfully conduct research you need to understand the basic ins and outs of it. And you need strategic avenues to navigate through these tricky paths. A couple of weeks ago, the crash of two linked cryptocurrencies caused tens of billions of dollars in value to evaporate from digital wallets around the world.

What is the Importance Of DYOR?

CoinMarketCap is the world’s leading platform for crypto market intelligence and research. It has a vast amount of market information on nearly all the coins and tokens in existence. The amount of information is so diverse and large that many new aspiring investors may feel lost figuring out what to pay attention to. In crypto, the uses of DYOR are various and contradictory, earnest and ironic sometimes within the same discussion.

Industry Research

Buy now – Get started right now and let your strategy evolve over time. Active addresses – The number of wallets that have been created to hold the coin. Fully diluted value – The maximum amount of the crypto that will ever be in supply.

Every single possible competitor which is very close to the coin that a trader is researching on, should be researched on to. After doing so, whatever seems better to the trader should be invested in after strategizing the plan completely. For doing self-research, it is very necessary to know all the key features of the cryptocurrency’s blockchain. Not only that, but also the development of the coin over the years should be analysed and the future development should be predicted accordingly. The vast and virtually unregulated crypto world poses significant risks to uninformed investors but also gives great opportunities to those who arm themselves with the right research.

Read the latest news, events, reviews, videos, technical analysis and guides around crypto. DYOR is often used as a disclaimer when crypto influencers and traders make public posts or share their market analyses on social media platforms. In crypto, DYOR reduces the number of uninformed investors and encourages them to understand a cryptocurrency before plunging in. This way they can know precisely why they are buying or supporting that project. There are thousands of different cryptocurrencies on the market, all of which have different characteristics. Some resemble currencies or securities and others commodities.

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As we mentioned earlier, the main reason for DYOR is that you don’t know how reliable advice is in the crypto universe. Many people are pushing their agenda and doling out poor advice. DYOR allows people to know where they will get good advice or reliable information, making it more effective than praising our platform. It has its own platform, its own currency, and even its own language. Many terms are often used as catchphrases or lingo in the industry, and DYOR is one of them. It stands for “Do Your Own Research.” It is one of the most popular catchphrases in the crypto world.

Not only the price, but the trading volume on the exchange should also be high enough. Founded in 2018, MEXC Global is known as the exchange of high performance and mega transaction matching technology. The team at MEXC Global are some of the first movers and pioneers of financial and blockchain technology.